It starts with
passion and love

Get amazed by our special Hydrangeas, few of our varieties are only available from our nursery!

Since 1995 we are growing and breeding Hydrangeas on our nursery. The current surface of our glasshouse is 23000 square meters. Good varieties for cut-flower production bloom every year, are free-flowering, push the flowers till late in autumn trough, and develop fully flower-heads. This is something pot plant varieties don’t do. Because they are selected for other use. They don’t flower in one season, but close the flower-bud in autumn, and develop flowers in the next year. Second important is the colour, the shape and the hardness of the flower-heads.

The assortment is mainly improved by breeding inside the company, where we put in a lot of effort. The last few years we developed some very successful and leading varieties. These varieties are positively tested on free-flowering, high quality and are being limited issued by our propagator and agent; Van Klaveren Plant.

Take a look in the greenhouse!

More than 20 years experience with growing cut-Hydrangea is the key to success today.

Years of dedication, breeding and selecting, have led to a stunning assortment. We see a bright future ahead with enough challenge and opportunities to develop and grow more quality-varieties.